A Defi project with the aim of replicating traditional financial services on the web3 platforms. Benyke Finance builds decentralized application on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) to ease for the blockchain users, access to funding, insurance, saving and investing. These in addition to the conventional decentralized finance services which enables swapping, farming and staking pool.

In a nutshell, we aim to combine the Defi tools and NFTs in our approach to bring forth meaningful applications of blockchain towards providing a full pack of financial solutions, more as we explore a new niche in decentralized finance.

Benyke Finance is built on sustainable ecosystem that guarantees delivery of the project's main purpose as well as bringing solution to the real world financial problems.


Our Mission

To create access for harnessing traditional financial services using Defi tools with a new perspective for the application of NFTs in solving funding and insurance needs of the blockchain users

With Benyke Finance, we desire to facilitate the digital asset swap, on-chain investment as in staking and farming, on-chain borrowing for both offline and online purposes, as well as presenting an unprecedented template for solving insurance needs of the users.