We are offering the world a decentralized platform where the insurance and funding needs for offline and online purposes are met with ease, much as we strive to make utilities and products accessible to the blockchain users in the real world

A new perspective to decentralized finance and unique application of Non Fungible Tokens((NFTs) combine to perfect solutions for the real world financial problems


Buy your BenykeToken on centralized and decentrlaized exchanges and access various services within our ecosystem

Mint with BENYKE

A redefined decentralized investment system, which affords the users access to making consistent and stable returns on Noahswap DApp, over a specified period minting stablecoin (NUSD) with BENYKE.

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Earn with BENYKE

Farm your BENYKE-PRX, BENYKE-USDT, BENYKE-PRM LP Tokens to earn more returns as the liquidity providers on Primalswap

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Access on-chain insurance

Get connected to insurance providers globally, using BENYKE to settle your premium. BENYKE connecting to a broad insurance solution, solving real world and on-chain insurance needs

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Access on-chain borrowing

Benyke Finance sharing a common vision with FUNDEX to redefine borrowing and on-chain Collateralization.

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Access your daily items with BENYKE on-chain

A new approach to e-commerce, a unique platform which connects the users with the merchants that offer daily items and appliances, using BENYKE as the means of payment.

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Settle your utility bills using BENYKE on-chain

A secure decentralized payment system for settling bills globally using BENYKE

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BENYKE FINANCE is a decentralized financial platform that allows individuals to access traditional financial services on the blockchain using BenykeToken (BENYKE).

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